An encounter with life and death

Lifeso beautiful. That smileso beautiful. Those eyes,they look towards the ocean, towards usthey take so much in; they say so much out. Deathso mundanecold and tightso dark. In the beginning of a death,it’s not the life so much,it’s the moment before death, that we keep playing in our headsWhy did it happen, how did it... Continue Reading →

It gets tougher before it gets better

My grandmother was a very simple and an extremely hard-working person. Back then, women were not allowed to go out of their homes without permission of an elderly male member of the family. There were many conditions attached to this permission, with a lot of why’s and where’s. This system still prevails in a lot... Continue Reading →

Religion ‘and’ God or Religion ‘or’ God

Life is beautiful. God is powerful. Religion is wonderful. Then why is it that religion always comes in the way of humanity and makes lives miserable. Do you think Jesus, Allah and Ram, WaheGuru- they would treat people differently if they belonged to different religions; they would protect people basis their religion and harass the... Continue Reading →

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